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Pack: Tarot After

It consists of 78 letters plus book with instructions in English.

The images of tarot seem fixed, stable and immutable in the collective imagination and in our knowledge. What if we told you that instead it's just moments, snapshots of scenes under construction? What happens to the Madman a few seconds after he gets his foot on the cliff?

Find the answer in this revolutionary tarot.
The Tarot shows what may have happened next in each scene of the 78 cards. The illustrations are a close reproduction of the fundamental artistic style with a very creative and revolutionary concept.

Tarot after means tarot after. Which heralds a new and very special work.

Author: Pietro Alligo, Corrine Kenner, Giulia F. Massaglia

Number of cards: 78

Book with instructions

Languages: English.

Pack: Tarot After
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