Pack: Erotic Tarot from Manara (Luxury Edition with Terci Bag


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Pack: Manara Erotic Tarot (Luxury Edition with Velvet Bag) "Collection"

It consists of 78 cards plus brochure with instructions in multilanguage, plus velvet bag.

The king of erotic drawing transports us in an exciting dimension of ourselves and our bodies.
Disturbing, explicit, with poignant scenes that speak of the many joys of sex and love, secret dreams, and most unmentionable desires.

The charts also contain the planets and symbols of the zodiac, as well as the four elements, useful for discovering astrological responses.
The style is similar to that observed in adult comic books.

Author Milo Manara.

Number of cards: 78

Brochure instructions.

Language: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German.

Velvet bag.

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Pack: Tarot erótico de Manara (E
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