Pack: New Vision Tarot "Latest Units"


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Pack: New Vision Tarot "Latest Units"

It consists of 78 letters plus book with instructions in English.

The Tarot of the New Vision takes this art to another plane, in which we are shown the "opposite face" to the classic tarot cards.
This deck can be used alone like any other, although it offers many more meanings if combined with a Smith-Waite or another capable of expanding its images, such as the universal Tarot. These two letters, interpreted together, are holographic - We can see them from any angle, examine their symbols and imagine ourselves in a certain area from any point of observation that may seem appropriate to us.
Facts, people and scenarios, which in the classic cards went unnoticed, now appear in a new context. whatever our level of competence, the Tarot of the New Vision gives us greater intuition, wisdom and joy.

Author: Pietro Alligo, Raul Cestaro, Gianluca Cestaro

Number of cards 78

Book Instructions.

Language: English.

Stock: Latest Units.

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