The Healing Flower Color cards "Collection"


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The Healing Flower Color cards "Collection"

It consists of 77 letters plus brochure with English language instructions.

77 Bach Flower Charts combining Dr. E. Bachs' medicine and color therapy meditation with drawings of exceptional plants and flowers to make anyone a flower botanical.
The cards are the originals of Bach's flower color
Full Bach flower color cards: 77 cards (38 basic cards and 39 meditation cards) and a brochure for use to combine Bach flowers, color therapy and meditation.
Created in 1989. Printed in Switzerland.

The first deck is Bach's 38 floral remedies, an illustration of the plant itself, in flower, with the description of the emotional imbalances that addresses that particular essence. The back is a solid color, as shown in the image above. These colors are different for each essence: red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, dark blue and purple. They were determined by the author, as she (among other things) is a color therapist and vibration/energy healer. These are the colors you saw of the auras of these essences, if you will.

The second deck is Bach's 38 Floral Remedies: the same illustration of plants is used, but instead of the description of the essence, it is a meditation phrase that helps healing while using that essence. Although not shown in the image above, the back has three colors arranged, which have two circles (one inside the other) in the center of the card, and are also intended for the use of meditation.

Author: Ingrid Kraaz

No. Letters: 77

Language: English.

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The Healing Flower Color cards "
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