French Tarot (Blue Poker)


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French Tarot (Blue Poker)

It consists of 78 letters in the Italian language.

It is a game born mainly in the Bologna area with very precise rules, among which the most important is the silence that was then transplanted to Castel Bolognese, but with many rules changed, and the most changed was that of silence.
You play with 62 cards, divided as follows: 22 wins (mottled), 10 sticks, 10 denarii, 10 swords, 10 cups. Triumphs graduate like this: the Angel, the Sun, the Moon, and then all cards that have a number (the largest number is what's needed) to the 4 moors.

Author: Dal Negro

Number of Cards: 78

Size: 113 x 60 mm

Language: Italian

Tarot Francese (Poker Azul)
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