Pack: Tarot de los ángeles


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Pack: Tarot de los ángeles

It consists of a pack of 52 plus book of 176 with instructions in the Spanish language.

This work consists of a book and a deck of 52 angels cards. The original of each of the cards is made on paper, with a wide range of colors applied with the watercolor technique.

The attitude of each angel suggests a message. Most titles refer to or symbolize spiritual archetypes such as love, tenderness, goodness. that in the book is revealed through the 52 messengers.

The usefulness of cards is plural, as they also serve to relax, visualize, meditate, consult, play, work with colors, treat any part of the body and perform cross-shaped runs.

Author: Immaculate Gasso de Vidal

Number of Cards: 52

Book with instructions.

Language: Spanish.

Pack: Tarot de los ángeles
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