I Tarocchi del Re Sole (limited edition) "Latest Units"


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I Tarocchi del Re Sole (limited edition) "Latest Units"

It consists of 80 small letters plus brochure with instructions in Italian language.

This impressive deck is inspired by the works of the French novelist Alexandre Dumas. The images in the letters feature scenes from his novel The Three Musketeers, set during the reign of French 'Sun King' Louis XIV.

The 78 cards include 22 major arcanes and 56 minor arcane. They are copies numbered and signed by the author created in 1986
The four sticks of the Lesser Arcans are associated with each Musketeer: Swords (D'Artagnan), Cantones (Porthos), Cups (Aramis) and Coins (Athos).
The cards are printed in cuttlefish/brown in non-laminated cream colored cardboard. Card titles for the 22 Major Arcans and Court Cards are in Italian.

This tarot deck also comes with 2 title cards, one of which is signed by Paolo Piffarerio. The cards are presented in a cardboard box with sleeve style.

In a limited edition of 936 decks, comprising two versions: the first 530 decks have black printed faces and the backs printed in blue; the remaining 406 covers have faces and backrests printed in brown.

The deck includes a title card and a cover letter and a brochure in Italian.

Author: Paolo Piffarerio

Number of Cards: 80

Brochure with instructions.

Language: Italian.

Stock: Latest Units.

I Tarocchi del Re Sole (edición
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