Tarocchi 22 Insetti in 22 Arcani "Limited Edition" (Collection)


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Tarocchi 22 Insetti in 22 Arcani "Limited Edition"

It consists of 22 major arcans in the Italian language.

From Osvaldo Menegazzi 22 major Arcanes in a limited collection of only 36 Examples. Autographed. Lacquer seal. Handcrafted Meneghello Size 6,00x11,50x7.50 cm.

This is a beautifully designed box with exquisite attention to detail. Each card has a matching insect painting and shares characteristics of the meanings of that Major Arcane.

The handmade box has Tarot art from the deck attached to the top, as well as the hot wax seal of GrandMaster Osvaldo Menegazzi.
Details about the set are handwritten on an additional card attached to the side of the box.

Each set has a handwritten and numbered signature letter, made with beautiful calligraphy on special paper.

The cards themselves are beautifully illustrated and the artwork is mounted on a thick cardboard with dark brown paper wrapped in the front of the cards and folded at each corner, giving it an elegant and antique style.
A limited edition, handmade collection that is a very valuable and wonderful treasure!

Author: Osvaldo Menegazzi

Number of Cards: 22

Language: Italian.

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Tarocchi 22 Insetti in 22 Arcani
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