Joyful Inspirations Oracle "Last Units"


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Joyful Inspirations "Last Units"

It consists of a pack of 45 square-shaped cards, plus English-language brochure.

With Judy Mastrangelo's dreamy works, the Joyful Inspirations cards invite you to join the flower fairy caravan, dancing unicorns, friendly bunnies and a wealth of cheerful creatures delighting in the spread of the sun and rainbow.

Children and people of all ages, especially young people at heart, will enjoy cricket concerts, carousles and garden parties in this magical world of imagination.

Choose a card every day from the colorful 45-card deck for a cheerful image and affirmation. Explore the 52-page brochure for delicious messages that are sure to give you energy and inspiration.

Author: Judy Mastrangelo

No. Letters: 45

Book with instructions.

Language: English.

Joyful Inspirations Oracle "Últi
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