1001 Cards


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1001 Cards

It consists of 55 cards.

These 55 exquisite paintings by Canadian artist Andree Pouliot are made in card format. They show the wonderful and mythical world of the East and inspire in us the ancient art of storytelling.

Each card is a watermark door that opens to a room full of associations and meaning. Each image is a magical carpet that takes us back to the chamber illuminated by the king's moon, where his fearsome heart was dominated by a woman who was as brave as she was beautiful.

With the twist of fabulous tales, 1001 of them to fill the nights with insomnia, Scheherezade saved his life day after day. With the 1001 deck, we can also be story inventors where everything is new and anything is possible. No story is counted twice and with each deck of the deck, the possibility of new stories and imagination skyrocket. 1001 is a companion deck for SAGA and MYTHOS decks and can be used alone or in combination with them.

Author: Andree Pouliot

Number of cards: 55

1001 Cards
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