The Sinking Wasteland Tarot "Collection" Golden Edges.


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The Sinking Wasteland Tarot "Collection" Golden Edges.

It consists of 79 letters plus a guide with English language instructions.

Includes 79 major and minor Arcane cards (two variations of the madman are included), all fully illustrated and printed in the full size of the 2.75x4.75" tarot in 300gsm cardboard with gold gold trim and a custom gold printed aluminum foil.

In addition, each deck comes with a short guide that includes brief meanings for each card, both vertically and inverted, and a custom printed font cover.

A deck of tarot set in a post-apocalyptic world, with a Western Gothic style, and various bodies, genders, races, ages and sexualities.

Author: James Brothwell

Number of Cards: 79

Brochure with instructions.

Language: English.

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The Sinking Wasteland Tarot "Col
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