Il gioco dei trionfi "22 arcane" (Last Units)


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Tarot Collection Il gioco dei trionfi "Last Units"

It consists of a pack of 22 cards, in Italian language.

Among infantrymen, queens, knights and kings, in the second chapter of "The World's Most Magical Book" (" The Triumph of Justice") some minor arcanes come into play: the axes and the figures or triumphs (kings, queens, infantrymen, knights), for a total of twenty cards.

The accompanying book outlines how these archetypes are understood in the realm of fantasy history. They also offer interpretative meanings and keys that help the adult to know them in their basics, also from a divinatory point of view, so that they can play, narrate, imagine.

Author: Valeria Menozzi

Number of Cards: 22

Language: Italian

Il gioco dei trionfi "22 arcanos
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