Le tarot des Gruyeres "Collection"


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Le Tarot de Gruyeres "Collection. 22 arcane"

It consists of a tarot of 22 letters plus brochure in French language.

Published by: C.A. du Chateau de Gruyeres 1993.

"The Tarot of Gruyéres" is an exquisite tarot of 22 black and white Arcans created for an exhibition in Switzerland in 1993. Gruyeres is a small village in Switzerland that houses the museum of the artist H.R. Giger.

The images of this tarot are similarly detailed and surreal. Almost all cards have a full frontal nudity pose. Only the "The Wheel" card contains red. The accompanying booklet has a poem for each letter written in French.

Its impeccable stroke embellishes each of its cards masterfully and is a truly sparse and difficult to access tarot. With very few copies all over the world.

Author: Jose Roosevelt & Marie-Claire Dewarrat

Number of Cards: 22


Language: French.

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Le tarot des Gruyeres "Colección
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