L'Oracle du Regard "Latest Drives"


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L'Oracle du Regard "Latest Drives"

It consists of 68 oval cards in French language.

The Oracle is a divination of the gaze and a game that helps in the search for our inner world. It allows us to see more clearly and helps us to become aware of the strength of the universe and to better control the destiny. Each aspect has its own language and is a reflection of our soul.

The oval shape of the cards symbolizes the eye you look at. Every aspect has its own language, it is a reflection of our soul. This game details the answers to all questions. It is easily absorbed by both beginners and professionals.

In general, with some exceptions there is a positive meaning (+) is a negative value (-) for the balance of energies (+) and (-). . The back of the letters was designed to help the search for our inner world, because the gaze speaks of joy, suffering, anger, love and hatred.

Author: Dorina Porumbel.

Number of Cards: 68

Language: French.

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