Egyptian Scarab Oracle "Collection"


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Egyptian Scarab Oracle "Collection"

It consists of 30 beetles plus guide with English language instructions, plus bag.

The ancient Egyptians knew the power of the sacred beetle, a symbol of life, hope and regeneration. The Egyptians believed that everything vibrates with living magic; The actions of sacred birds and animals can reveal the will of the gods and goddesses; And with the right divination system, all things can be known.

Learn about the art of divination in ancient Egypt and the role of the beetle in magic and literature. A living dream of life as a priestess of the temple in ancient Egypt brought mysteries of Isis author ofTraci Regula to create the Egyptian beetle Oracle. This kit contains thirty beautifully crafted beetles and a satin lace bag. Each beetle bears the likeness of a goddess, god, or symbol of ancient Egypt.

The easy-to-use guide features reading tips and designs, interpretations for each beetle symbol, the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet, and instructions for creating your own beetles for divination and protection.
Find out if your partner is a passionate Horus, a difficult Set, a sensitive and understanding Osiris, fiery Serqet, erotic Hathor, or Isis strong but affectionate. Simple to learn and fun to use, the Egyptian beetle Oracle will help you discover what Egyptian deities resonate with, learn to read simple Egyptian hieroglyphics and stimulate your intuition. You can use this oracle to learn about love and relationships, finances, career planning, and more.

Author: Detraci Regula.

Beetles: 30

Gúa with instructions.

Language: English.

Stock: Latest Units.

Egyptian Scarab Oracle "Colecció
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