Oracle du Verseau


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Oracle du Verseau

It consists of 76 letters in French language.

This divination oracle consists of 76 letters that help professionals like anyone else to find some answers and provide relevant information about the present and the future.
It will be a great guide in everyday life to make important decisions and understand future actions more clearly about events. In this way it is possible to advise on the actions and decisions that must be made with an easy access token.

It is a self-knowledge tool to decipher the potential character and development of an individual. The letters connected to each other will give a representation possibilities of realization in the emotional, financial, professional and spiritual sphere.

The richness of The Oracle of Aquarius is related to the surprising encounter of a medium, Romain Magra, and an artist, Jerome Sacchet who managed to combine intuition, inspiration, creativity and originality. This collaboration could be given birth to a game that is distinguished by abstract and surreal visions. The working base of collages and drawings in a universe that combines tradition and modernity.

Author: Jerome Sacchet

Number of Cards: 76

Language: French.




Oracle du Verseau
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