Il Tarocchino "Latest Units" (Collection)


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Il Tarocchino "Latest Units"

It consists of 78 letters plus brochure with instructions in Italian language.

Tarocchino Menegazzi. Limited edition, numbered (2000) copies worldwide. Italian titles
Size: 6 x 11 cm. By il Meneghello, 1979
Beautiful set of tarot cards, made and published in the year c.1978, with the beautiful designs of Osvaldo Menegazzi.

The designs have the elegant, strong simplicity that characterizes all their illustrations.

The set has the usual 78 cards 22 Major Arcanes and 56 Minor Arcanes plus a card announcing the deck. The cards are somewhat small, measuring 110mm x 59mm. They wrap the curve in hard cardboard.

By Osvaldo Menegazzi, Giovannino Scarsato. Italy, Il Meneghello, Milan; Valvassori, Ravenna., 1978.

Author: Osvaldo Menegazzi

Number of Cards: 78

Follteo with instructions.

Language: Italian.

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Il Tarocchino "Últimas Unidades"
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