Tarocchino Milanese to Doppia Figure 2ª Edition"Collection"


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Tarocchino Milanese to Doppia Figure  2ª Edition "Collection"

It consists of 78 letters in Italian language.

Numbered edition (2000) with lacre seal by Il Meneghello.

The Tarocchino Milanese a Doppia Figura is a 78-card reproduction of an 1880 Italian deck, used for the Tarocchino card game.

Cards are unusual as each tarot image is split in half and reflected in the same card. Published in a limited edition of 2000 by il Meneghello.
Created in 1880.
This is a reproduction printed by Bordoni circa the year 1880. The ace of coins contains an Italian monarchical tax stamp, 50 centesimi (valid mid 1880 / 1890s) and a stamp of the Milanese tax office dated 1890, T give an exact date, since they can be applied years after the first publication of the deck.

This work is one of the first known for having double figures (doppia figure), or mirror reflections of the images on the charts. The rear design shows a lancer on horseback.
The original was the colored lithograph and has the back parts printed on a separate sheet and glued to the cards, with the edges wrapped around the front. This edition also reproduces the edges of the paper on the front.

Author: Popolare Bordoni

Number of Cards: 78

Language: Italian.

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Tarocchino Milanese a Doppia Fig
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