Tarocchi 22 Pittori in 22 Arcani "Collection"


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Tarocchi 22 Pittori in 22 Arcani "Latest Units"

It consists of 22 letters plus brochure with instructions in Italian language.

The idea for this deck was orchestrated by Osvaldo Menegazzi, the owner of il Meneghello, who published the deck in 1989 as a limited edition of 2,000 hand-numbered copies.

Losarcanos over 22 Pittori in 22 Arcani represent the 22 Arcanos of 22 Artists, and is a collaborative effort of 22 different Italian artists, each of a different painting. Many cards retain their archetypal symbology, while others deviate into entirely new territory.

Artistic styles range from fantasy to surreal, realistic to comic on these oversized cards. There's no subject or thread that tied them all together. While most are full-color, a couple of cards are represented in black and white or grayscale. All cards have a traditional Italian title at the bottom of the chart, and a small artist name below the lower right corner of the illustration.

About 1/3 of the cards in this deck show female nudity, but the Devil is also very naked, and quite detailed.

Some of the artists who contributed to this deck have created other tarots, and their style is apparent here examples are L'Apesso, painted by Domenico Balbi, and the Le Stelle painted by Giorgio Tavaglione. Il Matto, painted by Giovanni Scarsato, wears a T-shirt with the name Il Meneghello. Osvaldo Menegazzi illustrated the Il Sole card (the Sun).

The remaining artists are; Piero Alligo, Davide Noti, Romano Conversano, Gino Mazzotta, Sandro Bellenghi, Galeazzo Van M'rl, Giorgio Dall'Aglio, Luca Enoch, Paolo Giorno, Coca Frigerio, Alessandra Titti Cusatelli, Pina Andronico Tosonotti, Giuliano Spagnul, Marisa Bello, Marcellaca Branforte, Gianni Meloniski, Gianni Mailo and Elio R.

All artists' names are engraved in gold on the cover of the leather wrap, and are listed in the accompanying brochure, along with their artistic means, date and place of birth. Includes a hand-numbered title card. The finish of the card is high gloss on both sides.

The 15-page Italian brochure also has 1-3 paragraphs of information regarding the letter itself, which may include divinatory meanings, but there are no designs. Card dimensions: 75 mm x 157 mm x 0.41 mm

Author: Osvaldo Menegazzi

Number of Cards: 22

Brochure with instructions

Language: Italian.

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Tarocchi 22 Pittori in 22 Arcani
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