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Pack: Tarot Gaian "Collection"

It consists of a pack with 78 cards plus a guide with instructions in English.

The Tarot of Gaian is a work that honors the earth. It was created for pagans and others who honor Gaia, the earth, as a living being and who practice a spirituality centered on the earth.

From the cheerful brilliance of a golden field of sunflowers to the turbulent waves of a sapphire blue sea, the divine beauty of our planet provokes a sense of awe and reverence. Deeply spiritual and rooted in the natural world, the Gaian Tarot deck offers a true connection to our earth mother.

Presenting an exuberant, contemporary and multicultural world full of Gaian myths and traditions, internationally acclaimed artist Joanna Powell Colbert beautifully updates the classic Rider-Waite-Smith archetypes. Radiantly leading to new life, the gardener shines as the Reimagined Empress, while the Magician transforms himself into a ritual drummer.

This tarot includes a deck of 78 cards and a 288-page guide with advice on reading tarot cards, symbol interpretations, divinatory meanings, exercises and meditations.

"Exquisitely beautiful, it is much more than a tarot deck, it is an entrance to a community of people who live close to the earth and its creatures."

Author: Joanna Powell Colbert

Nº of Cards: 78

Guide with instructions

English language

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