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El Mensaje de las Runas


It consists of 25 letters plus brochure with instructions in Spanish language.

The 25 runic cards with the back written with the information of each rune and a message. (in Spanish). Written and illustrated by illustrator and artist Eva Ibáñez.

Runes is a system of ancient divination, they are magical symbols that possess the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors. The runic tradition comes from the Viking and Celtic peoples, warrior civilizations that lived connected to the present, venerating nature, fertility and the gods. They cultivated this mode of divination and this philosophy of life and interpretation of the world.

With this oracle, you can easily memorize and assimilate the meaning of each rune thanks to its fantastic illustrations. On the back of each letter, comes the advice and the message that gives us the wisdom of the Viking gods. You can read your future very easily through the magic of the Runes.

This Oracle has been created to help us connect with the energy of each rune and its ancestral wisdom. With the advice messages of the runes you can grow both spiritually and emotionally, and guide your life in a positive way.

Contains brochure with instructions, and runes.

Letter size 14 x 8 cm.

Author: Eva Ibáñez

Number of Cards: 25

Brochure with instructions.

Spanish Language.




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