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L'oracle interdit de shaerazade (Collection) "Last Units"

It consists of a pack 77 letters plus guide with instructions in French.

It is in the city of Iskandaria where I met the magician who offered it to me, without claiming anything in return. It is a book, but it is also the destiny of men and of the worlds, of the rivers and of the sky, of the geniuses and of the gods.
Know, the light that reigns over the golden temples of the East whose sun shines golden domes and minarets, that this book no longer exists ... However, my memory has retained all the details, and in the moonless nights, I drew every aspect , I wrote every word that emanated from these forgotten chapters. They are life, they are death, they are time. And Shaérazade says again.
If you want, just for you, I will make you discover them. Therefore, I will capture your attention and you will be wiser. Come, listen to the words and see the mysteries of my forbidden oracle! This set contains 77 oracle cards and a 216 page color book.

Author: Jaap de Boer

Number of cards: 77

Instructions guide.

French language.

Stock: Last Units.



This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 25 January, 2020.
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