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Gran Tarot de Belline "Black case"

It consists of a large black case with 78 giant letters with a booklet with instructions in French.

Its structure is based on the number 7 and the number 3, with a wild card that allows to overcome any difficulty, blue card. Actually Edmond was proclaimed by a French writer of 1854 faithful follower of Mdme. Lenormand. Edmond's work was forgotten until in the 60's he was discovered by a clairvoyant named Belline.

This one commercialized it and the publication that Belline does of the Tarot of Edmond diversifies in three games, the Oracle of Belline, the Great Tarot of Belline and the Horoscope of the same name.

Le Grand Tarot Belline is a Tarot work that was drawn by hand using pen and ink, around 1863 by Edmond Billaudot (1829-1881) (known as Magus Edmond). The name of the works comes from Marcel Belline, who discovered the deck, and then donated the originals to the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions in Paris.
Edition: 1st Luxury Edition. Chest containing a Deck of 78 giant letters with golden edges and an explanatory booklet of 72 pages.

The deck is a wonderful synthesis (IMO) Etteilla, Éliphas Levi, and Paul Christian.

Each card is divided into four sections, upper and lower bands, and upper and lower fields.

The upper band contains the mundane Kabalist letter of Levi for the greats on the left, the Gematria number, followed by Paul Christian's astrological correspondences, and a sequence number.

The words are entered in or near the upper band and invest in the lower band. These keywords owe their originations to the Jeu Du Grand Etteilla.

The main field of the card is the illustration. The lower band of the card contains the name of the card. The lower field of the card contains a specific proverb of the card.

We are proud to present the translations of Le Grand Tarot Belline by Paula Goodman (also known as Firemaiden in the Aeclectic Tarot Forum), starting with the essay on the replacement card, which comes from a book of philosophical reflections by Edmond Billaudot

Author: Paula Goodman

Nº of Cards: 78

Booklet with instructions

French language.

The graphic images are a sample of the original letters and may show some variation in the tone or color of the originals.



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