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Pack: El Tarot Superfácil


It consists of 78 letters illustrated and explained, plus the Super Easy Tarot Book.

With this simple Tarot, you will not have any excuse to learn in a very basic and simple way the fascinating art of the Tarot.

This Tarot is a complete game of cards, which are written in both directions, so you can interpret the run, whether you are a tarot professional, or if you have no knowledge of what the cards mean.

This tarot, being written with what that letter means, it will be very easy for you to interpret the circulation. In addition, the illustrations that it takes, makes the readings more enjoyable, by having more direct illustrations.

And with the book, you will have the necessary help to know more about each letter, because it explains them one by one, and the different ways you can use them in the runs, since they offer you several runs and interpretations of them.

Author: José Antonio Portela

N · of Cards: 78

Size: 115x70

Book: 192 pages

Spanish Language.



This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 04 April, 2012.
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