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Pack: El Tarot Egipcio y la magia"Last Units"


It consists of Manual with 344 pages plus 78 letters. Case, manual and letters.

 The Egyptian Magic to the aclance of all.

The tarot is a combination of game and hermetism inherited from very old times. However, although it possesses a secret wisdom, a small apprenticeship is enough for the truth that the arcana contain to be revealed before us.

The Egyptian tarot is, among all the card games, the one that resorts to the oldest knowledge. The first occult teachings were made in Egypt, where Thot, god of wisdom, scribes and magic, presided over the academies of the great sanctuaries.

Thot will share his power with Isis, the great goddess mother of mythology. Between the two, they resurrected Osiris, god of the underworld, murdered by his brother Set, and Ra, the great creator god, resorted to them to solve all kinds of conflicts. They will be the ones who will reveal the truth to us through the Egyptian Tarot that accompanies this book.

The tarot cards connect with a higher plane of existence, with a different reality. For a long time, only wizards and alchemists could access that other universe, until the tarot opened the doors of the infinite.

In this book we find:

- The origins of the tarot and the masters in this art.
- Egyptian mythology and its relationship with magic.
- The arcana unveiled one by one.
- The use of the most important cards and plays.


Author: Bioque Bartolomé

N · de Págs: 344

N · of Cards: 78

Case. Manual and 78 letters

Spanish Language

Stock: Latest Units


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