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Pack: Tarot of Dreams 2nd Edition (Collection) "Last Units"

It consists of a pack with 82 letters plus a book with instructions in English.

The Tarot Dreams, the most sophisticated Tarot created by the award-winning artist Ciro Marchetti, creator of the Gilded Tarot and the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, has partnered with screenwriter Lee Bursten, creator of the Gay Tarot, his most ambitious work, the Tarot of Dreams is one of the three Tarots created by this great artist.

This fantastic Tarot created with great care with the artist is a collection Tarot, it is so called because there are few units and it is of great value. The Tarot of Dreams was originally published in 2006 in its original version, special edition. This came with an interactive disk that includes several unique features, such as property reading software, animated letters, video and music.

This Tarot includes a new concept, formed by its 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana, plus 40 digital cards in the accompanying CD. In the Tarot of Dreams, its creator wanted to express what each letter meant to him in a very personal and electrically intense way. An innovative addition is that of four additional cards are those of the Palace of Cups, Palace of coins, Palace of Bastos and the Palace of Swords represented as magnificent places of another world.

His bright and often enigmatic images speak clearly and precisely, imparting wisdom and clarity in his illustrations make him a unique collector's item. A Tarot that exudes exotic tonalities and that is proudly found in the midst of his brothers.
Copyright Ciro Marchetti. All rights reserved.

Editing with the Golden Edges

Author: Ciro Marchetti.

Nº of Cards: 78

Letter size: 8 x 12 cm

Book with instructions

English language.

Stock: Latest Units.

The graphic images are a sample of the original letters and may show some variation in the tone or color of the originals.


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