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Libro Oráculo Belline (Metodología y comparación)

This famous Oracle owes its name to the famous French seer Belline, who exercised his art for more than thirty years starting in the fifties.

He himself tells how, on one occasion, one of his consultants who, due to health reasons, was going to retire to live in the country, called him to examine certain books and papers that she thought he would release, in case anyone could interest him. And so it was how, examining a drawer full of papers and decks, he discovered a game that immediately fascinated him.

It was a mysterious manuscript signed by one of the greatest seers of the nineteenth century: Edmond Billaudot.

Edmond had been a pupil of the celebrated Mademoiselle Lenormand and among his clients were such notable characters as Napoleon III, Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo.

The simplicity and beauty of the oracle created by Billaudot totally captivated Belline, who in 1961 had it edited with his name.

The Belline Oracle, which fuses tarot and astrology, does not pretend to discover the future but rather to be an instrument capable of illuminating our hidden constructions, both conscious and unconscious.

In this sense, it allows the consultant to feel that in their hands is to take one path or another, that not always the destination is something tightly pre-established and that, in most cases, we are the ones who are forging it with our actions.

Author: Heras Heredia, Merchán Iglesias (2nd Edition 2003)

Spanish Language.


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