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The great tarot of the Tattwas "Collection"

It consists of 78 cvartas plus guide with instructions in Spanish language.


The Tattwas, in their graphic representation, are geometric figures of different colors that symbolize the different vibrations that the ether or primordial substance experiences, giving rise to the four elements of nature (air, fire, water and earth). The great tarot of the Tattwas is the product of combining the Western wisdom (the Tarot) with the oriental (the Tattwas) that originates a method that takes the best of each culture.

And on this, Portela has said: "In the great tarot of the Tattwas these appear as they expressed themselves before my conscience in the hours of meditation in which I was part of their spaces, their movements and their changes, feeling sometimes that I was not part of themselves, their essence and the creative that they really are.
It is for all of this that of all my works, the "Great Tarot of the Tattwas" is undoubtedly the most beloved. "


Nº of Cards: 78

Author: J.A. Portela

Guide with instructions

Spanish Language

Stock: Latest Units

Las imágenes gráficas son una muestra de las cartas originales y pueden mostrar alguna variación en el tono o color de las originales.


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