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Book: The Tarot of the Soul


Book that consists of 192 pages. Written in Spanish language.

- Find the meanings of the Major Arcana and their combinations, with recommendations so that through the light of your rolls you can change your personal situation, learn that you are already a tarot channel and understand the state and the emotional blockade in which the consultant is immersed.

- Meet the human being through the twenty-two Major Arcana, and look directly at the heart of a person to open the door of its true essence.

- Discover runs where you will see the karma of the client, revealing aspects related to the past of his current life or past lives that have marked him and has not solved.

- Knows the state in which the absent souls are, what they feel, their messages, etc., knowing how to communicate with them.

- Use the coloring of the letters to start you in meditation and visualization in a simple way, which will allow you to be aware of the existence of your spiritual side.

In each of these wonderful cards you can recognize parts of your interior and even parts of the interior of your family, friends, etc. You can see that fear and love are the two emotions that move the world and above all that almost all are subject to that scourge that stigmatizes us is fear.

Each Arcanum has life and therefore will serve you to x-ray the soul of the consultant. For this reason, this work includes karmic tests and a run to see the life purposes that we bring at birth, the true Being.

In this way the consultant can find an orientation on what is the root that does not allow him to advance in his life. And to see its truth, a section is included where a distinction is made between what is the ego (conscious, earthly) and the Inner Self (unconscious), which is the truth that we have hidden in the soul.


Author: Alicia Álvarez

Size: 14.5 x 21 cm

Spanish Language.

Pages: 192


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