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Pack: Archetypes and shadows Cards


It consists of a pack of 90 letters with a book with instructions in English language


This deck is a set of cards divided into 2 parts; Archetypes (in yellow) and their dark sides (in purple). This game thus refers to the psychology taught by C.G. Jung, who was one of the first to analyze the shadow sides. This game designed by Chuck Spezzano contains 90 cards in size 7 x 12 cm.

Whether you are looking for immediate answers to everyday problems or long-term solutions to life's biggest challenges, inspiring these letters will help you and your friends make positive decisions about life, work and relationships and achieve positive change for the future.

This beautiful deck contains the shadows, the archetypes and the way to help us work with us in our lives. The book gives a detailed explanation for each letter.

A card game whose object is to offer you fast and effective ways to find, understand and move beyond the nightmare of your shadows, and so you can use the power of archetypes to accelerate their growth.


Author: Chuck Spezzano

Number of Cards: 90

Book with instructions

English language


This product was added to our catalog on Monday 30 January, 2017.
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